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Pakistan should be de-nuclearised: BJP

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A day after the terror strike at a military base in Karachi , the BJP said it is the time for the global community to get together to denuclearise and “sanitise” Pakistan to ensure world peace.

“All this establishes Pakistan’s vulnerability as far as nuclear weapons are concerned. It is a matter of concern… how is Pakistan going to protect itself?” BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy said at a press conference here.

He said the Mehran attack showed the vulnerability of a country while the Taliban is attempting to make a dirty bomb by capturing nuclear installations and seizing arsenals.

“Owing to the vulnerability of the nuclear facilities in Pakistan and continued patronage of its intelligence wing ISI to terror organisation the security scenario in the region has worsened. Adding to the threat perception is the jehadisation of the Pakistani defence and security establishment which was proved by the killing of a Governor by his own security personnel,” Rudy said.

The BJP leader said the situation was not just a matter of concern for India and South East Asia, but to the entire world.

“Pakistan is no more able enough to secure its own nuclear facility. The global community needs to take urgent steps to denuclearise Pakistan for the safety of Pakistan as well as the whole world. It is high time that the world community should come together to de-nuclearise Pakistan in global interest,” Rudy said. Economic Times

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