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PM is answerable to people: Swaraj

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Senior BJP leader and Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj on Thursday attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for “washing his hands off” the corruption allegations against his government despite being its leader. Ms Swaraj said the PM can neither evade the responsibility of corruption and scams in his tenure nor can he shrug off his “association with looters”.

“Our Prime Minister behaves strangely. For every scam, be it 2G or Commonwealth or Adarsh, he blames others and washes his hands off. But as the leader of the government, he himself has to answer to the people,” Ms Swaraj said while addressing a party function in the national capital on the corruption issue.

She said when she posed this question to Dr Singh in Parliament through a sher (couplet), he gave no proper answer.

“Now I am giving the answer. “Tera rahjano se tha wasta (you had association with the looters)… Hamen rahjano se gila nahi tere rahbari pe malal hai (we have nothing to say to the looters but it is regrettable that the leader is like this),” Ms Swaraj said. Asian Age

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