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Protests in support of Hazare continue in Bangalore

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India’s IT hub seemed to transform to a different level as scores of anti-corruption crusaders including US students, took centrestage at Freedom Park here on Sunday,voicing their support for Anna Hazare.

Eleven American students turned up for rallies and protest marches being held in support of the anti-corruption campaign launched by Hazare, whose fast entered the sixth day.

Lending their support, they joined hundreds of national flag-bearing protesters at Freedom Park. “The Indian government must listen to the demands of the people by passing the Jan Lokpal Bill immediately to curb corruption … Anna Hazare is simply fantastic,” they said.

Asked why he came to support Anna Hazare, a student, Robert, replied that corruption has become a global issue and he would take back the idea of non-violent agitation to fight the U.S.government (on issues).

The support for Hazare has been increasing day by day.Last evening, around 25,000 protesters converged at the Freedom Park and participated in candle march towards the evening. Today being a Sunday, more than 25,000 people are expected to gather at the venue. Economic Times

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