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Rahul Gandhi to hold rally in Bhatta Parsaul, land acquisition protests to continue against Mayawati

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It seems that the Bhatta Parsaul incident would continue to haunt the Mayawati administration for some more time. The Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi has decided to hold a rally of farmers affected by land acquisition at the twin villages bordering Greater Noida towards the end of the month.

The Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh said that the party’s state election committee at its meeting on Tuesday which was attended by Rahul Gandhi decided to hold a farmers rally in Bhatta Parsaul and in the event permission is denied for a rally there they will hold it at a place available nearest to Bhatta Parsaul.

The Bhatta Parsaul village had seen pitched battle between the police and farmers who were protesting against land acquisition. Rahul Gandhi had later sneaked into the village on a motorcycle and staged aday long protest only to be arrested at midnight by the Mayawati government.

Digvijay Singh said that the Mayawati government had brought a new land acquisition policy after the farmers protests but being prospective in nature it will not benefit the large number of farmers who are already facing acquisition. He said that the party would continue to demand the cancellation of acquisition of land in Bhatta Parsaul.

He said that after listening to farmers they would also present their suggestions for new land acquisition policy being framed by the central government.

Digvijay Singh continued with his blistering attack on Baba Ramdev and said that while was talking about his fight against corruption it seemed he had failed to see the rabid corruption prevalent in the state under the Mayawati regime.

He said that the BJP which had started its movement with Lord Ram has now turned to Ramdev as it struggles to shore up its popularity,

He said that senior BJP leader LK Advani’s comparison of the police action against Baba Ramdev with the pre independence Jalianwala tragedy was deplorable. He also said that the BJP was comparing Ramdev with Swami Vivekanand which was also condemnable.

He however evaded a reply on why did the union government ministers entertain Baba Ramdev if they knew from the start as alleged that Ramdev was working on the agenda of RSS .

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