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Rahul warns Maya: just see what we do

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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, on Wednesday, served an ultimatum on the BSP government.

“Bhatta Parsaul is merely the beginning. Just see what we do in the future. We will fight from every village and turn them (BSP) out. There is no dearth of issues in UP and I have ample time. I will go to every nook and corner of UP this time,” he said while addressing the UPCC convention in Varanasi on Wednesday.

Mr Gandhi said that UP government claims that all is well in Bhatta Parsaul.

“If all is well then why have they clamped prohibitory orders there? And if nothing happened in Bhatta Parsaul, why is the state government not ordering a judicial probe? Why are the people living in fear? A SDM came and told me that the people who were fighting in Bhatta Parsaul were not farmers — they were Naxals and Maoists. Is this what this government is trying to say?” Mr Gandhi asked.

The Congress MP said that when he visited Bhatta Parsaul village last week, the twin villages were deserted. The men were missing and some had fled. The women there told him that they are not in favour of violence and questioned the police atrocities.

Continuing his tirade against the Mayawati government, Mr Gandhi said that the Congress had given a special package to Bundelkhand region but its implementation left much to be desired.

“We did what we could for the area but the problem with BSP is that they are not willing to admit that there is a problem,” he added.

Mr Gandhi said that for the Congress, the people of Uttar Pradesh were its vote bank.
“We will fight for the people of UP. Uttar Pradesh has seen different governments in the state. What they have not seen since long is the development of the state. This is not the fight for votes but for the future of Uttar Pradesh,” he said.

The Congress MP further said that Congress men had the bad habit of seeing what others were doing.

“Congressmen have the bad habit of seeing what BSP is doing, what SP is doing, what Peace Party is doing. We should now learn to see what we can do and there is a lot to do,” he pointed out. Asian Age

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