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Security in Mumbai to be beefed up

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In view of the upcoming season of festivals and the recent blasts that rocked the city, the Mumbai Police have declared a slew of measures for the security of South Mumbai, which has always been on the terrorists’ target list. “We will be involving the people in the security of the city. This will have a force multiplier effect. The people can become the eyes and ears of the police,” Additional Commissioner of Police (South Region) Nawal Bajaj said in a press conference here on Monday.

The measures include mapping the area meticulously, random combing of susceptible areas, rolling out street plays, advertising campaigns for spreading awareness among others.

“The sheer volume of people makes any standard techniques of control or monitoring redundant in the area. Nearly three million people come to South Mumbai everyday for work,” Mr Bajaj said.

He said that the police have been regularly carrying out safety audits of places. “But we do not have any legal tools to ensure compliance with it. We will certify public places which adhere to these standards. This will work as positive reinforcement,” he said.

He also said that the police have suggested a string of measures to the local municipal body for betterment of security. “We have suggested that they should install plastic dustbins, should clear illegal hawkers from time to time, should clear garbage three times a day,” he said.

The south zone of Mumbai police has formed a special team of 200 plain-clothes policemen who will conduct random combing, nakabandi among other measures. “These 200 persons will be available 24 hours of the day exclusively for flooding and checking areas. They will be used for short, surgical actions so that there will be an element of surprise and the people will know of the police presence,” Mr Bajaj said. He said the entire South Mumbai region had more than 3000 CCTV cameras installed privately. “We are giving them a list of the technical requirements for such cameras,” he said. Hindu

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