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Shiv Sena mouthpiece attacks US ‘double standard’

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Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna has slammed the US administration for its “double standard” on international terrorism.

“Will the US stop its duplicity? It created Osama and the Taliban . It then destroyed a country like Afghanistan and killed innocent citizens there in order to punish terrorists,” said the saffron daily. Sena supremo Bal Thackeray is the editor of Saamna.

In a scathing editorial on Thursday, Saamna said: “The US has always been doggedly pursuing its strategic concerns with least regard to other countries. The US created phantoms the world over and eliminated them when they became a threat to its geo-political interests. (President) Barak Obama says the US has meted out justice to Osama. Will Obama allow India to do similar justice to Dawood Ibrahim?”

Pointing out that India has down the years been wracked by Islamic terrorism, Saamna said, “The US is hardly concerned with terrorism that affects other countries. It keeps asking India to take the path of talks. This is patently unfair.”

Recalling the 26/11 attack on Mumbai, Saamna said, “India has all the military might to seek out Dawood Ibrahim and bring him to book. However, the US has been putting obstacles in India’s plans to eliminate the dreaded terrorist operating from Pakistan. The US sent its military team to Abbottabad and meted out `justice to Osama bin Laden’. Will the US allow India to follow suit and dismantle the terrorist camps in Pak-occupied Kashmir?”

Underscoring the US duplicity, Saamna stated: “President Obama is talking of `justice because of the attack on the World Trade Centre. Had there been no such attack, the US may not have cared to come down heavily on the global terrorist network.”

The Sena morninger also wondered why the US has not meted out Dawood Ibrahim similar “justice.” “There are apprehensions that Dawood had offered financial assistance to the al-Qaida terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attack. The US should have eliminated Dawood Brahim too.”

Saying that Osama bin Laden’s elimination will in no way weaken terrorism, Saamna said the menace will be curbed only if Pakistan is punished for harbouring terrorists. Economic Times

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