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Subbarami Reddy conducts special pujas for Sonia’s health

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Congress president Sonia Gandhi has endeared herself to the people of the country and would return from the United States after medical treatment in sound health to once again take the nation on the path of progress, Rajya Sabha Member T. Subbarami Reddy has said.

Mr. Reddy came here from New Delhi on Friday morning and performed special pujas at his residence, praying for her quick recovery. “People all over the country, irrespective of caste and creed, are praying for her. Not only Congress leaders and activists, but also those from other political parties are praying for her good health,” he told journalists.

Muslim and Christian religious leaders held special prayers for Ms. Gandhi at the MP’s residence.

Recalling his efforts for the spiritual development of Visakhapatnam, he said “Maha Sivarathri” was being organised every year on a grand scale for several years. He said that ‘Soura yagam’ (for Sun God) and ‘Maha Mrutyunjaya yagam’ were being conducted seeking Ms. Gandhi’s health and long life. Eleven ritwiks would conduct special pujas as part of the yagnas to be held for 16 days. The commencement of the yagna on ‘Sravana Sukravaram’ (Friday) and it falling in the holy month of Ramzan was doubly auspicious.

Mr. Reddy appealed to all Shirdi Sai devotees here to pray for Ms. Gandhi’s health.

He said that ‘Maha Chandi yagam’ would also be held in the city for 30 days. Special pujas would be performed at all temples in the city.

City Mayor P. Janardhan Rao and Congress MLAs were present. Hindu

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