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Unaware of Ramzan, Kasab feasts on bananas in prison

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Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab, who along with his nine accomplices killed scores of people in the name of ‘jihad’, is not observing Roza during Ramzan.

The Pakistani gunman has been eating bananas, apples and taking medicines, while fasting is compulsory for every adult Muslim during this period.

Ramesh Dhamane, superintendent of the Arthur Road jail, said, “Kasab does not know that the month of Ramzan began from Tuesday. He is eating in jail.”

Kasab, who is being kept in an isolated cell in barrack 12, keeps himself busy reading books. “We will inform him about the holy month. It will then be up to him whether to fast or not,” said a source from the jail. Kasab’s cell does not have a calendar so he is unaware about the day, date and month.

Soon after his arrest by the crime branch on November 27, 2008, Kasab had claimed to be part of a ‘jihadi mission’ acting in the name of religion. However, several Muslims have already said Kasab and his associates were completely ignorant of the true meaning of the word ‘jihad’. “A genuine Muslim does not kill people,” said a Muslim religious leader. TOI

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