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Wary Pakistan boots out Dawood to Saudi?

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After being caught with their pants down when Osama bin Laden was found and killed on its soil, the Pakistani authorities are trying to save further embarrassment by shipping Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, the world’s second-most wanted terrorist, out of its territories. According to sources from inside the Intelligence Bureau, Dawood was escorted from Karachi by road to the Fata border by Pakistani rangers, and thereon to Kabul, from where he is believed to have taken a private jet to Bahrain and subsequently to Saudi Arabia.

According to IB sources, Dawood left his house that was situated in Karachi very early on Monday morning. “As soon as the news of Osama Bin Laden’s encounter killing by the US’ CIA broke, the first thing that Pakistan’s ISI did was to tell Dawood to vacate his house and leave Pakistan immediately,” said a source from the IB.

“As all the Pakistan airports were under the CIA’s surveillance, he could not board a flight from any of them. So, Ibrahim Dawood and his family members along with Pakistani rangers went to Afghanistan by road,” the IB source said. “Once they reached Kabul, they took a private jet to Bahrain and from there, they changed planes and went to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.”

The IB source admitted that after Dawood and his family — a total of seven people including his wife and the wife of his brother Anees — boarded the plane from Bahrain, they could not trace their exact location. However, the IB officer said that they are certain that Dawood is holed up in Saudi Arabia, as he is known to go there frequently, often on the pretext of pilgrimage. Dawood recently underwent surgery and is believed to be recuperating. However, the ISI would not take a further risk of sheltering him in Pakistan, the source added, especially with pressure mounting on the Pakistani government. Asian Age

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