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What could have been Omar’s ‘suggestion’?

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Jammu, Feb 5 (IANS) In his Twitter reaction to the killing of a civilian in an army ambush, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said that had his “suggestion” made at the Unified Command Headquarters meeting been implemented, the incident could have been avoided.

However, the chief minister did not elaborate on what his suggestion was.

Official sources, privy to the deliberations at the Unified Command Headquarters meeting held in Jammu Jan 16, told IANS that the chief minister had suggested that army ambushes should not be laid in inhabited areas or in the close proximity of villages.

He had also asked the security forces to challenge the suspects first before opening fire, the official told IANS.

He said this at the meeting held two days after union Home Secretary G.K. Pillai had disclosed at a seminar in New Delhi that 25 percent of the troops would be reduced in the state, the official added.

The chief minister had spoken after the killings of a villager in Kulgam area and a 70-year-old in ambushes.

Abdullah in his Twitter message said: “How can one not condemn the death of 21-year-old Manzoor at the hands of the Army late last night. Another needless death in a bloody Kashmir.”

“Have been trying to understand the circumstances. Lots of questions but not enough answers at the moment,” he said.

“I am even more upset with the knowledge that if a suggestion of mine, made in the Unified Command (sic), could have avoided this incident,” he wrote.

On Friday night, Manzoor Ahmad Magray, 24, was killed in an ambush laid by the army for separatist guerrillas in Chogal village of Kupwara district.

The army has expressed regret over the incident.

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