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Kejriwal’s storm Modi’s wave has no impact!

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Congress got defeat in four states before Lok Sabha Elections.

Suspending Assembly in Delhi:BJP won in Rajasthan with great success.In Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh also Orange flag possession continues.

Congress got unbelievable defeat where BJP won in 3 states.Amazing aspect of election is Kajriwal influenced like a storm on Delhi elections and changed the political position of India’s two old and big political parties(Congress and BJP).

In the kajriwal’s storm Modi’s wave has no impact! Aam Admi Party appears on the Delhi’s skyline with bombing success.This party won with 28 seats where BJP’s 31 candidates won. senior Congress leader Sheela Dixit contested fourth time for CM post but she faced defeat.Before 2014 general elections BJP won in Rajasthan with good ratings taking away the power of Congress through which a way to Vasundhara Rajay Sinha’s position as a CM nominee has been established.Congress has accepted the success of opposition. Sheela Dixit has given resign after defeat.

Delhi’s situation has become interesting where suspended assembly’s view is expected because in 70 members assembly no party has got majority. BJP has got single majority party position,so BJP can wait for invitation for the formation of government from governor Najeeb Jung or can demand for formation of government by itself.If Governor invites BJP it should prove its majority which is difficult and needs 36 candidates to form government.

Party success Party Success
BJP : 32 BJP : 165
AAP : 28 Congress: 58
Congress: 8 Others : 7
Others : 2

Party Succes Party Success
BJP : 162 BJP : 49
Congress: 21 Congress: 39
Others : 16 Others : 2

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