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‘Missing cleric alive in Gaddafi jail’

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Speaking to IRNA in an interview on Sunday, Aoun envisioned that the Shia scholar Imam Moussa Sadr is alive and is being jailed in a prison in the Libyan desert, along with two of his accompanying friends, Mohammed Yaqoub and Abbas Badreddin.

Imam Moussa Sadr, an influential, Iranian-born cleric, was kidnapped during an official visit to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, where he had gone to meet with officials from the Gaddafi government in August 1978.

Aoun reiterated that the movement can guarantee the cleric’s well-being with the help of the Islamic Republic of Iran and international institutions, and urged all Islamic countries to unite in pursuit of his release.

He cited European countries, Israel and the United States as accomplices in Imam Sadr’s abduction, saying “they all hatched plots [to kidnap him], but in the current situation, they are pretending that they are ready to contribute to his release.”

It is widely believed that Sadr, the founder of Lebanon’s Amal movement, was kidnapped on orders of senior Libyan officials, but Libya has previously denied any involvement in the case.

This is while the embattled Libyan ruler had reportedly confessed in an exclusive footage, about the missing Shia cleric’s presence in Libya.

The Lebanese satellite television station, al-Manar, says it has footage of Libya’s Gaddafi in which the embattled ruler has confessed to Sadr’s presence in the North African state.

Iran has held Libya accountable for the disappearance of Imam Moussa Sadr and criticized Gaddafi’s government for refusing to provide a clear explanation regarding the issue. IRNA

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