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No Trust fiasco leaves MLAs’ double standards exposed

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Hyderabad: The recent No Trust Motion notice, though skipped, glaringly exposed the double standards of the political leaders particularly that of the Congress leadership which had dramatically left out the burning issue which was raised indiscriminately in the recent past by YSR Congress party president YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Having raised the issue, the Kadapa leader, known for his defiance and outspoken quality, remained stoical and silent which apparently irked Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu, who left no chance to highlight it and then blame the former.

A man who came from a big political background and determined to pull down the government at any cost eventually chose not to pull the rug under the Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy when an occasion was provided to him in the state Assembly.

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu as planned did provide a chance to Mr Jaganmohan Reddy to prove his mettle but in vain for reasons incomprehensible to the commoner nor could a scribe sitting in the press gallery, attached to the House, keep a track of the events occurring so swiftly.

Earlier, the Jagan camp claimed the support of 24 Legislators and if occasion arose another 30 would jump on to his bandwagon and into the field to extend support to their ‘new’ leadership. These claims came despite the fact that the Legislators all won their seats on Congress tickets owing allegiance to their distant High Command sitting in New Delhi.

This uncalled for tilt or swing has been attributed to their weakness for the local leader.

The entire episode has left their standards exposed.

This peculiar ‘stand’ adopted by the Congress Legislators supposedly attached to the Jagan camp in the eleventh ‘hour’ has been justified by a section of political experts saying that there was still three years to go for the next round of General Elections.

The dissolution of the House, in case, may leave them in the lurch.

Today each MLA enjoys nearly Rs 1 lakh as salary and allowance every month plus constituency funds plus fringe benefits – all of which will vanish in the absence of an ‘Assembly’ in force.

It was amply clear that the Kadapa leader was very close to pulling the N Kiran Kumar Reddy government but at the nick of the moment the ‘danger’ was averted as his MLAs chose to vote for the Congress sponsored candidates for Speaker’s and Deputy Speaker’s posts.

Ironically, after the election, the Speaker as mandated adjourned the House sine die.

The TDP members did serve the notice earlier to the Legislature Secretary and then to the pro-tem Speaker who was supposed to hand over it to the Speaker elect.

Today, Speaker Nadendla Manohar said that he was unaware of the contentious ‘notice’ and the No Confidence Motion.

Mr Manohar, after assuming Speaker’s charge was proceeding for the first time on pilgrimage to the Tirumala hills, Tirupati. He also informed that certain changes would be effected to facilitate the members to exercise their rights.(INN)

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