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Remote control rule once again in AP: Babu

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Hyderabad: The Telugu Desam party supremo, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, has said the rule of New Delhi with remote control has once again started in Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking on different resolutions introduced in the Mahanadu on the third and last day Sunday, Mr Naidu said the Congress party had the bad culture of changing chief ministers with a stroke of pen from New Delhi and it was continuing. He predicted that there would be a change of the present Chief Minister once again in the State. He said sarcastically that it could not be said how many more Chief Ministers would be changed.

Referring to the differences among the ministers in the State, the TDP chief said such differences would lead to law and order problems. He was referring to the recent tiff between the Information Minister, Ms D K Aruna and Mr Jupalli Krishna Rao, on the Telangana issue in Mahbubnagar.

Stating that youth and women were like two eyes to his party, Mr Naidu assured that both would get prominence in the distribution of tickets for elected bodies as well as in the party positions. He said that priority would be given to women in the ensuing local body elections. He demanded that elections to these bodies be immediately held. He also alleged that the Congress party had diluted the powers and importance of the local bodies. He said that if power was to be bought with money in a democracy, there would be no future for the country or the people.

Mr Naidu said that his party would not rest till it achieved 33 per cent reservations for women in the legislative bodies. He claimed that the TDP was the only party which was being run through the donations of people. He has alleged that Congress party made money through misuse of power, TRS was making money through threatening and blackmail and Mr Jagan of the YSR Congress Party was making money through corrupt practices.

Mr Naidu said that poverty in the nation could be banished totally if all the black money stashed away in the Swiss Banks by unscrupulous political leaders and the wealth earned by late chief minister, Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and his son were recovered.

Referring to the challenge of the YSR Congress chief, Mr Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy that he could pull down the State government, Mr Naidu said if he has guts, he should go to the Governor and show the MLAs supporting him. If he proved his numerical strength in the Assembly, the TDP would move a no-confidence motion, he added. If he could not do so, he should shut his mouth and stop talking about toppling the government. Mr Naidu, however, said that his party would certainly bring a no-confidence motion on the farmers’ problems and if necessary even topple the government.

Alleging that Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy had earned lakhs of crores of rupees through corrupt practices during late YSR regime, the TDP supremo questioned as how his property which was only Rs 77 crores during the previous elections had shot up to Rs 310 crores by the by-election time this year. He said there was no response from any one though his party had given documentary evidence to the corruption of late chief minister. He also questioned how Mr Jagan built a palace in a 32-acre site in Bengaluru and a big palace in Hyderabad. On the other hand, his party had no money even to run the organization and had to depend on the donations of people.

Referring to the charge of Mr Jagan that his party had colluded with the Congress, Mr Naidu said that it would never happen. He said that the party was launched by late NTR only to fight with the Congress and there would never be any compromise on the mater.

Mr Naidu also attacked the PRP Chief, Mr Chiranjeevi. He said the actor talked tall when he launched his party and strongly attacked Congress. He has now merged his party in the Congress which he once dubbed it to be the epitome of corruption, Mr Naidu has remarked.

Mr Naidu has called upon his party cadres to forget their differences if any, and stand united to fight the TRS, the Congress and the YSR Congress. He has reminded them that the party had a strong cadre and efficient leadership. Assuring that he would stand by them at all times, Mr Naidu said in the coming years the party should be further strengthened. He said his party was giving 12 programmes for the next 12 months and would review implementation of these programmes during the next Mahanadu. He said if the party had inadvertently hurt the feelings of any section or community he said the party should unconditionally apologize and win their confidence.

Stating that he had no personal ambitions, Mr Naidu said that his fight was for the welfare of the people and the development of the State. He said that late NTR founded the party to save it from the Congress rule and defeated the ruling party in just nine months. He said the fight was continuing with the same spirit and asserted that there would be no compromise or joining hands with the corrupt Congress. (NSS)

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