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Through my speeches I made country sense the presence of 25 crore Indian Muslims: Akabruddin Owaisi

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akbar+1City was again abuzz late Saturday. After Narendra Modi’s Bhartiya Janta Party Yuva congregation last week it was the turn of Majlis-e-Itehadul Muslimeen 5th annual Yad-e-Salar-e-Millat program, the celebrity speaker for the party was Akbaruddin Owaisi.

After creating national controversy with his rabble rousing and alleged hate speeches, MIM assembly floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi gave his first public speech after getting out on bail from jail in February.

As expected huge crowd turned up at Khilwat ground near Charminar as MIM including its president and Hyderabad M.P. Asaduddin Owaisi popularized the program since Ramzan claiming that resting Akbaruddin Owaisi will reply to Narendra Modi’s anti-Muslim comments.

Akbaruddin Owaisi in the beginning of his speech made in direct attack on Modi by praising the contribution of Hyderabad Nizam’s in developing Deccan and taking up welfare of every community, last week Modi targeted Nizam’s rule as oppression over Hindus.

MIM leader also in cinematic narrative style narrated horrors of Indian military action over Hyderabad in 1948 popularly known as police action in which 1,50,000 Muslims were killed. Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders in their Yuva congregation praised the military action as liberation day of Deccan.

He told the crowd that many youngsters are not aware of the history which is getting distorted and used against Muslim community, Akbaruddin said he felt it his duty to inform the people of the realities.

MIM’s annual program was to observe 5th death anniversary of late Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi former MIM president, Akbaruddin remembered his father as the man who scarified his whole life for the sake of empowerment of Muslim community.

He asked Muslims to give up slave and inferior status mentality and question people in power, “We should fight and struggle to protect our rights, if needed one should be ready to sacrifice anything including his life for the sake of community,” but he frequently cautioned that “fight should be taken ahead in a democratic way”.

When crowd became furious at regular intervals and started shouting reply to Narendra Modi’s puppy slang, Akbaruddin Owaisi played cautious, “Our party president told earlier that I will reply to Modi, but what should I say now. He came to Hyderabad in a disciplined manner, restrained from communal slangs and went off peacefully. People said it is because of MIM, Modi was cautious. I don’t think there is any need to give him a reply now.”

But conceding to the mood of the crowd Owaisi again said, “I have a Tsunami waving inside my heart. But there are lots of people who have laid a trap for me. I want to remind them it is birds that get into trap net, not the tigers.”

In his highly dramatized speech MIM leader told the crowd one day he will take a rally of Hyderabad Muslims to Gujarat.

Then he continued to praise his earlier rabble rousing speeches which got him into the dock and fame equally, “I have taken the voice of MIM to the national level through my speeches. It is only due to my speeches, frequent communal rhetoric from other side has stooped.”

He went on to say because of his speeches first time India felt the presence of its major minority sentiments, “It was my speeches which presented 25 crore Muslims of India as ‘Zinda Quam’ (lively community) in the nation.”

Ending his speech Akbaruddin Owaisi said every caste in India has their own political front; Muslims should also evolve their own political leadership and representation. He said that MIM will expand itself in every Muslim pocket of India.

Winding up Akbaruddin Owaisi described Muslim community as his Lila and him as the Majno, “This Majno will endure to love his Lila till his last breath.”

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