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‘Assange wanted to make woman pregnant’

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London: Assange, founder of whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, told a woman after they had sex that he preferred virgins and added that he wanted to make her pregnant, a media report said.

The woman – known only as S.W. – said the 40-year-old Austr

The two reportedly had sex three times the previous night, with S.W. insisting they use protection, according to The Sun.

Assange, however, said he wanted to make her pregnant, the woman alleged.

“He said things, like he wanted to get women pregnant. He said he preferred virgins because it meant he would be the first to impregnate them,” she was quoted as saying.

Assange is appealing against extradition to Sweden to face charges of raping S.W. and another woman called A.A.

The high court was also told Assange ripped off AA’s clothes and lay on top of her, holding her arms before they had sex.

Assange maintains both women consented to sex and claims the extradition bid is politically motivated. Zeenews

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