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‘Norway killer wanted to speak English in court’

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Oslo: The man behind the Norway attacks was denied his wish to speak English at his first court appearance last week, police said on Wednesday, adding they had also quizzed one of his siblings who lives in the US.

“When we were in the courthouse he wanted to speak in English,” prosecutor Christian Hatlo told a news conference in response to a question by agency on Anders Behring Breivik’s high level of English.

Officials did not agree to Behring Breivik’s request for the July 25 hearing after which he was remanded in custody.

Behring Breivik, a rightwing extremist and self-confessed mass killer, did not say why he wanted to speak English, Halto said.

Behring Breivik had posted a 1,500 manifesto online before his rampage, detailing — in an impressive level of English — his hatred for Islam and democracy among other things.

Hatlo told agency that one of Behring Breivik’s half-sisters, who lives in the United States, was interrogated as part of the investigation.

He also said Norwegian police was investigating a number of bloggers who had been in contact with Behring Breivik but that “no one is suspected or wanted for the moment.”

Behring Breivik has said he acted alone and it is the investigators’ priority to confirm this, Hatlo said.

The 32-year-old has said his twin attacks on July 22 — which left 77 dead — were a “cruel” but “necessary” part of his “crusade” against a “Muslim invasion” of Europe.

He killed eight people with a bomb he set off in Oslo’s government quarter and later gunned down 69 people, many of them teenagers, who were attending a retreat run by the ruling Labour Party’s youth wing on the island of Utoeya. Zeenews

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