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78-year old man graduates & pursuing a law course

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Miguel Lajos, 78, plans to enroll in law this June. He will be graduating this March with a degree in AB Political Science from University of Visaya-Dalaguete campus in Cebu.

When asked about going to college, “it’s never too late”, is Miguel Lajos’ frequent answer. His earning a degree is not the end for his education as he is determined to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer. He said that when he was young, he had dreamt of becoming a lawyer and believes his age can never be a hindrance in pursuing his dream.

Lajos had 13 children from his first wife. When his first wife died, he married again and had 5 children. Some are now professional teachers and architects. He raised his children as a plumber. Now, his children are paying for his tuition fees and his weekly allowance.

He thought of pursuing his dream when his second wife died. Lajos is a good example that education is for everybody regardless of age, color, gender and status in life.

He will be 82 by the time he finishes law but he is positive that he will pass the Bar and practice law. He said it’s never too late for him with God’s help, he will realize his dream. Agencies

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