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Al-Qaida’s may be the ones actually responsible for attack on oil refinery pipeline in Libya

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A rebel spokesman told the Associated Press that Gadaffi’s forces “hit a pipeline carrying crude oil to a refinery. While, at the same time the government has blamed the blast on rebel forces allied with Al-Qaida. A analysis reveals that Gadaffi is acting to retake the oil refinery not attack it.

In all this Al-Qaida’s hidden hand has been ignored by the world media which seems hell bent to vilify Gadaffi, in much the same ways they did with Saddam Hussein, another former dictator the US used to support.
Ongoing reports frm the battle for a strategic town of Ras Lanuf, with determined al-Qaida fighter in Libya working closely with opposition groups, who wish to depose Gaddafi and establish a terrorist sanctum in Libya – sotheing they know they can’t do with Gadaffi in place.

For everything we say about this man, Gaddafi, when we refer to his manner of style or dress, what get me the most is that al-Qaida really despises the man. In my book that means something. So I am inclined to at least consider such claims that al-Qaida is the one responsible for not only the attack on the oil refinery pipeline but for fomenting of violence . It is believed al-Qaida may be helping to arm, equip, plan attacks on opposition groups in Libya. Here again we see evidence of al-Qaida’s hidden hand at work.

It’s interesting that during the crisis a single attack on a lone oil refinery pipeline could cause so much damage, and lead to the the rise of gas prices here in the US. Right at a time when our economic recovery here was just turning around? Coincidence or part of larger strategy at play here to take full advantage of the protest movement to orchestrate false flag operations designed to damage the credibility of world leaders in middle east countries who oppose them, like Libya.
In the western half of Libya elite Libyan commando units, back by regular Army forces pounded the besieged rebel strong hold city of Zawiyah, about 30 miles outside Tripoli. Rebels in that city are completely cut off and pinned down by sniper fire and tanks. Oddly the rebels are being closed in upon and have retreated to a place called “Martyrs Square”, where they are making what is probably a last ditch stand against Gaddafi’s forces.

In Ras Lanuf, witness report government warplanes circling the refinery in the early afternoon, followed by numerous explosions and thick black plumes of smoke. The blast didn’t take out the refinery apparently but did destroy nearby fuel storage tanks. The explosions were felt by people upwards to a mile away, who reported window vibrating inside their house and the ground shaking.

Numerous people are reported dead, according to the latest reports, as heavy fighting continues. At the center of all this is the oil refinery itself, which because it is “off line” in terms of production is costing Libya billions of dollars in lost oil revenues and hurting consumers in Fance and Germany who are dependent on the supplies of oil coming from that country. So it hurts everybody.

A fact that is reflected in oil markets and futures which is seeing oil and gas prices rise amid fears of this situation in Libya exploding into a bloody civil war. Agencies


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