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Arab Spring: Syrian Dictator In Big Trouble

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Even by the standards of the Arabic world Syria is tough on the opposition, any opposition. A state of emergency has been enforced since 1963, the kindof thing only the Evil Empire could match.

Amnesty International says up to 55 people have been killed in recent days as President Bashar al-Assad tries to hold on to power. More died today.

There is one big difference between Syria and Bahrain. It won’t be the Saudis intervening, rather Iran. The result of such an intervention is unpredictable. Israel wouldn’t be likely to stand by, nor the Arab League.

Syrian authorities this weekend released more than 250 political prisoners as well as some Kurds. Will this please people or just embolden them.

In the southern city of Deraa the Bath Party Headquarters and a police station were burned.Agencies

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