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Assad to address nation on Wednesday

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will address his country from the house of parliament on Wednesday, making his first speech after two weeks of domestic dissent, a high-ranking official said.

“The president will address the country tomorrow Wednesday from parliament,” the official told AFP, without giving further details.

The president is expected to elaborate on a string of reforms announced last week, which came in response to demands for reform and more freedoms in the Baath-ruled country.

Syria’s government resigned on Tuesday and now acts in a caretaker capacity pending the formation of a new government.

The new cabinet, which is expected to see the light by the end of the week, will face the task of implementing the reforms.

Presidential adviser Buthaina Shaaban on Sunday told AFP the state had decided to end emergency rule, in place since the Baath party came to power in 1963.

Syrian authorities are also studying the liberalization of laws on media and political parties, she said. Agencies

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