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Bahrain plays tough with anti government rebels

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As unrest in the middle east continues to rumble on and spread the Bahrain authorities have decided they will not stand for rebellion. Pearl Square, in Bahrain’s capital city, Manama has had tanks rolling in today and clearing the makeshift camp of tents.

Yesterday the Sunni rulers of Bahrain asked neighbouring Saudi Arabia for help. The Saudi authorities supplied troops. This ended in two deaths yesterday, with around 200 people injured in the disturbances.

Rebels have been camped in Pearl Square for some time now. Three people have been killed there today, shot by police. They are all believed to be Shia protesters. There have also been claims that three police officers were killed.

Riot police remain in place at Pearl Square. The protesters had planned further protests later in the day but a curfew has been put in place. All protests and demonstrations have been banned and a 16.00 to 04.00 in the morning curfew announced.

The situation has continued to worsen and there are reports of shooting at the hospital, various resignations by those in authority and armoured vehicles clearing Pearl Square. Appeals have been made for calm and restraint.

The BBC has published these facts and figures about Bahrain:
# King Hamad, aged 61, has been in power since 1999
# The population is 800,000; the land area 717 sq km, or 100 times smaller than Irish Republic
# A population with a median age of 30.4 years, and a literacy rate of 91%
# Youth unemployment is at 19.6%
# The gross national income per head: $25,420 (World Bank 2009) Agencies

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