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Bahrain protests Iran’s repeated interference

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Bahrain called on all of its Kingdom ambassadors and permanent representatives in the UN, Arab League, OIC, and the GCC to deliver an urgent letter regarding Iran’s repeated interference in its internal affairs.

The letter called for the representatives to explain clearly Iran’s repeated threats to stability and security in the Gulf area in particular, and stability and peace to the world in general, Bahrain’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

The letter highlighted the gulf’s important strategic position regionally and internationally, warning that any tensions or instability would in turn have dire and dangerous consequences on global economy.

The statement also noted that the foreing ministry had sent similar letters to embassies of the countries that are permanent members in the UN security council in addition to embassies of Germany, Italy, India, and Turkey in Bahrain to inform them of the letter regarding threats made by Iranian top ranking officials against Bahrain and repeated threats to the Kingdom.

The statement also shed light on recent statements made by Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi to Iranian local media where he said that his country supports Bahrain’s people and their rights to defend themselves.

Kuwait News Agency

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