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Bahrain regime sweeps clean square

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Security forces on Wednesday launched the Pearl Square in the Bahraini capital Manama wipe. Heavy-handed were removed hundreds of protesters who have camped for weeks and campaigned against the rule of the king.

The operation would be at least six deaths among the demonstrators and the police cases.

Shortly after sunrise, were units of the army and police on the square. From the streets to the square armored vehicles were hit. Helicopters circled above the square. There was tear gas fired. Shots were also heard.

The mobile networks seem to have been disabled in the capital. Or in the operation also troops from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states were involved is unclear. On images of the state was to see the vehicles on the Pearl Square red and white flag of Bahrain claimed.

According to eyewitnesses, two demonstrators were killed when the square was stormed by security forces. A third demonstrator died later from gunshot wounds to his back, said an employee of a nearby hospital. Two deceased policemen when they were hit by a departing car. A third officer was also killed, but authorities gave no details about the cause of death. Agencies

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