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Bahraini woman goes on hunger strike

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In a letter addressed to US President Barack Obama on her blog, Angry Arabiya, Zainab Alkhawaja said that she has started her hunger strike as of Monday evening, and called on the US president to take measures for the release of her family members.

“I chose to write to you and not to my own government because the al-Khalifa regime has proven that they do not care about our rights or our lives,” she wrote in the letter.

The letter added, “I demand the immediate release of my family members. My father: Abdulhadi Alkhawaja. My husband: Wafi Almajed. My brother-in-law: Hussein Ahmed. My uncle: Salah Alkhawaja.

“Since their arrest, 3 days ago, we have heard nothing. We do not know where they are and whether they are safe or not. In fact, we still have no news of my uncle who was arrested 3 weeks ago, when troops put guns to the heads of his children and beat his wife severely.”

Bahrain’s state-run BNA news agency said on Monday that the government has released 86 people who were arrested following the declaration of martial law in the tiny Persian Gulf state.

On Monday, Saudi-backed Bahraini forces arrested clerics Sayyed Mohammad al-Alawi and Sheikh Abdul Adim al-Mohtadi in the capital Manama.

It comes after the Bahraini government dismissed 30 doctors and 150 health ministry workers for supporting anti-government protests.

Saudi Arabia dispatched thousands of troops to neighboring Bahrain in mid-March to help quell month-old protest rallies seeking to break the Khalifa dynasty’s monopoly on power.

The move has highlighted concerns about the possible spillover of the crisis from Bahrain, where month-old protest rallies seek to break the al-Khalifa dynasty’s monopoly on power.

Saudi and other Arab rulers fear that any concession by Bahrain’s rulers could embolden more protests against their own despotic rulers.

This is while the US military, which has its Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain, has avoided describing the foreign troop intervention in the country as an invasion.

Bahraini demonstrators maintain that they will hold their ground until their demands for freedom, constitutional monarchy as well as a proportional voice in the government are met.

Scores of protesters have been killed and many others gone missing since the beginning of Bahrain revolution. Agencies

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