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Bahrainis injured by riot police

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Several Bahraini protesters have been hurt in the latest crackdown on anti-government demonstrators in the crisis-hit Persian Gulf country.

Bahraini security forces used rubber bullets to clear anti-government demonstrators from key financial hub in capital Manama on Sunday.

A number of people were injured in the Sunday morning crackdown and have been taken away by ambulances.

Riot police have fired tear gas at anti-government protesters in the capital as demonstrators vow to continue their protest.

Earlier on Saturday, over 700 people were injured as Bahraini police opened fire on anti-government protesters who were heading toward the Royal Court in Manama.

Security forces and pro-government vigilantes carrying clubs and swords beat protesters near the royal complex, injuring 770 people, 107 of whom were hospitalized for serious injuries and breathing problems.

Bahrainis have been staging protests since mid-February, demanding the resignation of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and constitutional reforms to the Sunni-led government.

Inspired by revolutions that toppled despotic regimes in Egypt and Tunisia, Bahraini protesters also demand free and fair elections as well as the release of political prisoners. Agencies

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