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Bahrain’s military shoots down protest

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In the Arab Kingdom of Bahrain is the situation out of control. The military on Wednesday ended a standing protest by about 500 opponents of the regime on the central Lulu place in the capital Manama with tear gas and bullets.

Security forces also distributed Salmanija-demonstrators outside the hospital where many wounded activists were treated with violence.According to official figures, police killed two in the Lulu-Platz. They should have been run over by protesters. From opposition sources said, and five demonstrators were killed.

In the capital, Manama, the military blocked several main roads. Banks, schools, universities and the stock market remained closed. In some areas telephone network does not work. The German Embassy in Manama invited some 250 Germans living in Bahrain to not to leave their homes and prepare for an exit. The government declared the city of Manama, a ban on going out bis 16.00 4.00 clock.

Criticism of the military operation against demonstrators came in recent days, both from Washington and from Tehran. The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, said on Tuesday (local time): “There is no military solution region for the unrest in Bahrain or in any other country.” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: “This military confrontation, which directed against the people of Bahrain, a very ugly action that is condemned to failure. ”

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle criticized in parliament on Wednesday the invasion of troops from neighboring countries in the Gulf Kingdom. He urged the countries of the region to exercise restraint. A further escalation must be avoided absolutely. A political solution could only come from the land itself, said the Vice-Chancellor. Since the beginning of the week Bahrain are about 1,000 soldiers from Saudi Arabia and 500 policemen stationed in the United Arab Emirates.

The protests in Bahrain take on more than a month already. They were on Sunday escalated again. King Hamad bin Issa al Khalifa, had from the other Gulf States military support requested then. The Shiite opposition, whose supporters put the majority of the demonstrators, auxiliary troops sees in them an “occupying power”. On Tuesday opponents of the regime had the Saudi Embassy in Manama against the use of troops from other Gulf States in protest against Bahrain.

The ruling family of Bahrain – as the ruling family of Saudi Arabia – Sunni.The majority of the population of Bahrain is committed to Shiite Islam.Many Shiites believe that members of minorities by the authorities preferred to be treated the Sunni. They demand an end to discrimination and more powers for the elected parliament. Since the first violent clashes between activists and police in February, protesters demanded also a part of the “overthrow of the regime.” On Tuesday the king had declared a state of emergency. Agencies

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