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Belgian pol shocked to get Norway shooter’s email

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Brusses: A right-wing Belgian politician on Wednesday said he was shocked and dismayed to learn he had been sent an email by the perpetrator of the Norway massacre shortly before a powerful bomb exploded in Oslo.

Tanguy Veys, a member parliament for the anti-immigration Belgian Vlaams Belang party, said he had never met nor even heard of Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted carrying out the bombing and shootings that killed at least 76 people in Norway.

So receiving the email was a setback, he said. “I was connected with a terrorist act, and I didn’t want to be connected with a terrorist act,” Veys said.

The email, with Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto of three books attached, was sent on Friday, about 90 minutes before the bomb went off.

Veys said the email, written in English, went to about 1,000 addresses.

Other recipients may have been less shocked. One email address on the list led to a Facebook site ostensibly for an Italian whose profile picture included Nazi emblems and a skull.

As the person’s only interest, the page listed “firearms.”

Another of the addresses led to the site of a man who claimed to be a member of the anti-immigration British National Party.

Breivik’s email began with the salutation, “Western European patriot” and described the attached manifesto as dealing with “the ongoing Islamification of Western Europe,” and “how we, the cultural conservative resistance, should move forward in the coming decades.”

“I humbly ask you to re-distribute the book to as many patriotic minded individuals as you can,” the email said, in part.

“I am 100 per cent certain that the distribution of this compendium to a large portion of European patriots will contribute to ensure our victory in the end. Because within these three books lies the tools required to win the ongoing Western European cultural war, the war against the anti-European hate ideology known as multiculturalism.”

It was signed, “Sincere and patriotic regards, Andrew Berwick, London, England – 2011.”

The attached manifesto detailed what Breivik perceived as the “Islamification of Europe.” But it also included a section that illustrates how minutely detailed his plans were, and that helps explain the peculiar appearance of the photographs of him that have surfaced so far. Zeenews

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