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Blasts rock Tripoli, one near Gaddafi home

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A Missile totally destroyed an administrative building of Libyan leader Moamar Ghadafi’s residence in Tripoli today.

The building which was about 50 metres from the tent where Colonel Gaddafi generally meets guests was flattened.

The administrative structure was hit by a missile, official Libyan spokesman Moussa Ibrahim told reporters who were taken to the site by bus.

Tripoli was rocked by powerful explosions today, of which one was heard coming from the area around Colonel Gaddafi’s residence.

Smoke billowed from the residence and barracks at Bab el-Aziziya in the south of the Libyan capital as anti aircraft guns fired shots.

Britain, France and the US began launching strikes with aircraft and cruise missiles on targets in Libya late yesterday in line with a UN Security Council resolution authorising any measures to stop Colonel Gaddafi harming civilians in a campaign by his forces to subdue an uprising. Agencies


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