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Cameron dares Sarkozy to game of tennis

Posted by on March 26, 2011 5 Comments

London, March 26 (IANS) British Prime Minister David Cameron has reportedly challenged French President Nicolas Sarkozy to a game of tennis.

“Fitness fanatic” Cameron said he would team up with British No.1 Andy Murray and urged Sarkozy to find a French partner, the Daily Express reported.

Sarkozy, 56, had sent the 44-year-old Cameron a set of racquets as a gift last summer.

The impromptu conversation between the two leaders took place as they jogged around the Royal Park in Brussels during a European Union summit which opened here Thursday.

“Nicolas and I had a good run around the park. I practised some of my French, which is very bad, but we managed to have a good conversation, mainly about Libya and what we are doing on making sure we work very closely on the next steps forward,” Cameron said.

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