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Canadian Jets Not Yet Ready for Prime Time Action in Libya

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While French Rafael Fighter Jets have been launched to commence missions over Libyans territory Saturday, Canadian Fighter Jets are not yet ready for deployment in the implementation of a no fly zone.

Gadaffi’s government, which had earlier announce a cease fire, in fact continued its attack into Masrata and AFP reported that his tanks had entered the Eastern Rebel held city of Bengazi, causing many to flee and journalists were forced to hold up in hotels.

Prime Minister Harper, who attended a summit of Allies organized by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, praised the French President for organizing the summit.

Canada so far has committed six CF 18 warplanes to help with the enforcement of the no fly zone.

In a statement the PMO said in an e-mail that the jets still needed time to get ready.

“Canadian fighter jets have just reached the region and will require two days to prepare for any missions.”

This should take approximately 48 hours.

Harper urged swift action to stop Gadaffi from slaughtering his people.
From reports it appears that the French Air Force is patrolling Libya and is stopping Gadaffi from deploying his air resources. The situation becomes somewhat foggy as to what else can be done from the air to stop Gadaffi now, especially if he has tanks within the limits of Bengazi.
Attacks would have to be limited to ensure safety of civilian personnel, i.e his surface to air missiles, Air bases, artillery and helicopters out in the open.
Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, when asked by CTV, if Canada foresaw the deployment of boots on the ground, said that all options were open to stop Gadaffi from slaughtering his own people.

” Cannon said if that were required to “protect citizens that are being literally murdered by [Libyan leader Moammar] Gadhafi, that’s what the resolution calls for.”

President Obama explicitly excluded boot on the ground, at least for the U.S., during his speech yesterday.

All eyes are on Libya and the Allied intervention today. Will it be successful? Agencies


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