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Clinton’s visit to Tahrir Square in the core of the Egyptian revolution events

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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton toured in Tahrir Square in central Cairo on Wednesday in a visit to the center of the revolution that overthrew President Hosni MubarakPresident Hosni Mubarak of power in Egypt after 30 years in power.

And Clinton toured the area accompanied by security officials and shook hands with bystanders, including an elderly man said “hello in the field of your liberation.”

and said “Hello .. How are you?” in Arabic

In the early days of the revolution, which began on January 25 saw the field of violent clashes between demonstrators and police were unable to quell the violent revolution that its methods were able to before those events.

After that the police were withdrawn from the streets and deploy the army, which surrounded the field with tanks, but remained on the sidelines. When Mubarak supporters attacked the demonstrators and the beauty of horses in the second of February, the military is monitoring the situation without interference.

But despite the clashes, has attracted protests and ceremonial hundreds of thousands. After Mubarak give up power in the Feb. 11, hundreds of thousands gathered to celebrate his departure.

And raised most of the anti-Mubarak slogans from the square and traffic returned to normal, there was repair sidewalks that were damaged by some to use stones Kmqdhuvat. Agencies

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