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Councillors urged to sign UN letter in Bahrain

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Councillors were yesterday urged to sign an anti-Al Wefaq letter that will be sent to the United Nations (UN). It is being spearheaded by the Muharraq Municipal Council in response to a “distress call” letter submitted by 28 former and current Al Wefaq municipal councillors to UN House in Bahrain last month.

Council chairman Abdulnasser Al Mahmeed, from Al Asala, was about to end yesterday’s weekly meeting, when member Fatima Salman stood up to raise the issue.

Ms Salman questioned why her colleague, Al Wefaq’s Dr Mohammed Abbas, signed his name on the letter without informing the council or even showing it to fellow councillors.

“I question the reason behind Al Wefaq sending a distress call to the UN and I need to know from who they want the country to be rescued from,” said Ms Salman.

Mr Al Mahmeed said that Al Wefaq’s decision to send a distress call was awkward.

“All of this destruction, damage and sabotage besides disruption and chaos and Al Wefaq sends a distress call as if they were the victims, while the nation was burning due to their actions,” he said.

“It is true that it was first calling for reforms, but then things turned different as everyone involved in the opposition started to get out of control.”

He said that an anti-Wefaq letter will be prepared by all former and present councillors against accusations in the distress call that Al Wefaq has called for.

“We will not stay quiet while a distorted version of the truth is being promoted and it is time real action against that letter is taken.”

Dr Abbas told the chairman that his accusations were not true and that Al Wefaq’s aim for a constitutional monarchy was the biggest evidence of its true colours. “Al Wefaq has never asked or demanded to down the regime and will never do considering that our calls are clear and they are for a constitutional monarchy,” he said.

“I didn’t see the letter that was sent, but I signed it, knowing that it represents support from the UN for reform and even when I read it later it didn’t have anything against our leadership.”

Council financial, administrative and legislative committee chairman Mohammed Al Mutawa said that Dr Abbas should stay away from saying anything about those he had problems with because the council was not a political podium. “Dr Abbas if you would have showed us the letter we may have accepted and signed it, asked for amendments or rejected it and issued another of our own,” he said. “We will have our own anti-letter and it will be presented to the UN as you did.” Gulf Daily News

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