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Cuts damage Britain’s military force

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London: Ten former British military officers have criticised Prime Minister David Cameron over the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal loss, arguing it damages the country’s defence.

The officers, including former Field Marshal Lord Bramall, three generals and six admirals, have criticised Cameron’s cuts because of the damage it inflict to British military. They believe Cameron puts troops’ lives at “considerable risk”.

The former top Defence Secretary Liam Fox had previously warned that the cuts in military had left the country dangerously exposed. After the Strategic Defence and Security Review, he announced the British national evacuation from Libya would be decommissioned in April.

However, despite Fox idea of having a good military asset to encounter the crisis in the Middle East, Labours have called for Egypt, Bahrain and Libya defence review.

According to Labours, the Strategic Defence and Security Review has been “unduly trusting in an uncertain, fast-moving and dangerous world”.

Jim Murphy, the Shadow Defence Secretary, said: “The government’s plans were based on strategic and international geo-political assumptions, many of which have been shaken over the past month. Recent dramatic events mean that the defence review must be reopened and perhaps even rethought. It would be sensible to stop and reflect again on our nation’s strategic defence needs.”

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