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Did Gaddafi, just call Zuma to say I love you?

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As the world watches with somewhat baited breath at the goings on in North Africa, especially the mounting trouble in the rife torn Libya, we listen as the United Nations, African Union, Arab Nations and some of the major countries of the world decide what is best to be done to halt what could well turn into another horrific civil war on African soil.

South African President, Jacob Zuma, seems to have allowed himself to be drawn into some controversy over a supposed phone call between himself and Libyan leader Colonel Muammar GaddafiMuammar Gaddafi.

As the world is very aware in 2006, when Jacob Zuma was charged with rape he took a five day break and went to visit his friend Gaddafi in Libya. Speculation since then by the media has always been, did Gaddafi fund Zuma to fight the alleged rape charges that he was facing?

According to the South African President, Gaddafi telephoned him to give his, Gaddafi’s, side of the story. With President Zuma and the South African Government openly condemning the violations of human rights by Gaddafi’s forces in Libya, we have to wonder why Jacob Zuma is keeping so mum about what the two leaders discussed. There is some speculation as to whether the Libyan news forecasters are using the conversation for propaganda purposes, and that might well be the case.

Colonel Gaddafi has openly stated he is a Jusquauboutiste and therefore will be going nowhere. The world has to question what the conversation between the two was, and if perhaps, in the future, should Gaddafi change his mind and decide to leave Libya then where can he expect to be welcomed for political asylum.

It might well be that he would make the request to the South African Government and we need to think what effect that would have on South Africa and her relationships with the rest of the world. For any country to take in Gaddafi can only endanger their own political aspirations as to how the world views their opinions on leaders such as this.

Mr. Jacob Zuma needs to come clean about this conversation and clear things up one way or another with the rest of the world as surely this is a case of he is either with Gaddafi or against him and there is no sitting on the fence. Allvoices


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