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Divorced parents protest in Pakistan city

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Lahore, March 6 (IANS) A group of divorced parents, mostly fathers, held a protest in this Pakistani city over delay in legal proceedings that denies them access to their children.

The demonstrators demanded a legal provision so as to have quick access to children while parents pursue a legal course for separation or dissolution of marriage, Daily Times reported Sunday.

The protesters Saturday held banners and placards with messages, like “I love my kids”, “How long shall our children wait for us”, and “I have the right to be with my child”.

The single fathers said they were were the victims of the family laws of the country.

They were of the opinion that following a rise in divorce rate, it was necessary to incorporate provisions in the law through which an interim joint custody of children should be announced by the court immediately when either of the parents filed a suit for separation or dissolution of marriage.

“The need of the hour is an awakening by the legal fraternity, civic society and general public to salvage the next generation of Pakistani children from falling into a black hole,” a demonstrator was quoted as saying.

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