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Egyptian Women Sexually Abused As They March For Freedom

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Egyptian women celebrating World Womens Day with a march for Women’s Rights in the new democracy were sexually assaulted and beaten by Egyptian men.

Egyptian women who protested with men to overthrow a corrupt Government were prevented from Gathering in large numbers by fathers, husbands, brothers.

Women who bravely turned out to fight for women’s rights in the New Democracy were beaten and sexually assaulted by men who turned up to heckle and abuse them.

International Women’s Day, originally called International Working Women’s Day is marked on the 8th of March every year. It is a major day of global celebration of women. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women’s economic, political and social achievements.

It seems that only 50% of the population of Egypt will obtain rights and democracy the other 50% remain slaves. “Everyone was chased. Some were beaten. They were touching us everywhere,” said Dina Abou Elsoud, 35 the organizer of the March. Gone she said was the spirit of equality and cooperation between the sexes that marked most of the historic mass gatherings in the square.

The Women had to seek refuge from sexual abuse and beating with the protection of armed police.

It looks as if the hope revolution has brought to the Middle East is going to be denied to those who fought so bravely beside men. Six women died in the protests and men at the meeting spat on their memory. “They should have stayed at home; women have no rights “one man said.

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