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Egyptians want constitution before elections

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Cairo: Egyptian people want a new constitution and a constituent assembly to be set up before holding parliamentary and presidential elections in the country, a recent opinion poll has suggested.

The poll, conducted by human rights groups Observers Without Borders (OWB), the New World Foundation for Development and Human Rights and the Human Rights Defenders, asked people about their opinion on how to enforce civil and political rights during the transitional period following the end of a three-decade rule of Hosni Mubarak in February.

The survey, conducted in six governorates representing Greater Cairo, Delta Region and Upper Egypt, showed that most Egyptians favoured a new constitution and a constituent assembly before parliamentary and presidential elections.

The majority of Egyptians also support enforcing good governance before holding the elections, said activist Emad Hegab, who was involved in the poll including youths, party members, intellectuals, trade union leaders and ordinary citizens from different ages and social segments.

He said Egyptians feel that most of the political and civil groups are not ready at present for the elections and only organised political groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, politicians and businessmen will be the beneficiaries.

New political groups, including the revolutionary youths and emerging parties, are not ready yet and will be the biggest losers in the elections, Hegab said.

The poll showed that most of the respondents want a democratic transition of power and believe the Supreme Military Council should provide an appropriate political stage to achieve this aim during a one-year transitional period and give time to political and civil groups to participate actively in public life, said Youssef Abdel-Khaleq, the head of the poll team.

Egyptians are seeking to frame a new political system and hold parliamentary and presidential elections after the end of Mubarak’s despotic regime on February 11 following a massive 18-day protest.

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