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Egypt’s MB slams Israeli meddling

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Egypt’s largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, has censured recent remarks by an Israeli official who voiced concerns about the rise of Islamic groups in Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood has blasted the comments made by Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon as “a blatant and clear example of interference in foreign affairs,” DPA news agency reported on Tuesday.

The statement added, “Ayalon suggests Israel would object to the Muslim Brotherhood being part of a future government and would work on banning the group from standing in any upcoming elections.”

During a visit to Brussels on Tuesday, Ayalon said there are fears that Islamic opposition groups would take the reins and lead the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia.

He speculated that the Egyptian revolution could open the door for the establishment of an Islamic state in the country.

Israel’s deputy foreign minister said Tel Aviv would have no qualms with dealing with an Egyptian government led by the Muslim Brotherhood, as long as the party distances itself from conservative views.

“For us it is not a matter of titles, it is a matter of policies, and if the policies are peaceful policies, I think that we will welcome any Egyptian representative,” Ayalon said.

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