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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood widespread

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Over many decades, has turned the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the number in the equation is difficult the Egyptian Despite the regulatory norms that exist on the ground in all parts of Egypt,

It was always described as «the banned group», differ from the realities on the ground.

That what has happened since January 15th (January) the past, as far as him to be called the Brotherhood of the situation of families that lived, and her involvement in the field of editing and a clear and effective, and calculate her she did not try to steal the spotlight, whether to raise slogans of religious common or reference to the presence in particular.

With modern equipment surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to launch a political party expressed under the title «freedom and justice», the group find themselves in front of serious challenges, particularly in light of cultural heritage and media fixated in the mind over the decades.

Brotherhood was a scarecrow, and may still be some. The Brotherhood says that authoritarian governments in the Middle East, used in its refusal to pressure the West in terms of democratization,

As the majority of those governments was the choice between peoples and between the fire of hell of the Muslim Brotherhood the next,

They also wanted to portray.

With the entry into force of the river from the new political life, the Brotherhood announced initial positions of political orientations, including that it will not compete for the seat of the Egyptian presidency in upcoming elections, and will not seek to obtain a majority in parliament next year.

The evidence is that observers and analysts of the Shan community saw in this very intelligent approach to calm the fears China, without having to cut off the posts to come, whether for president or parliament after the next.

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