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Ex-Libyan minister foresees more defections

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Another former aide to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has sought asylum in Europe.

One-time Libyan energy minister Omar Fathi Bin Shatwan has fled to Malta.

In this first televised interview since the start of the rebellion, Bin Shatwan said time is running out for Gaddafi’s regime and more Libyan ministers would like to defect.

“Most of the people want to the same as Koussa and some others have done, but they cannot do it because they don’t have the chance to do it,” Bin Shatwan told euronews.

“All the people near him (Gaddafi) started to go away. First it was ordinary people, then people from the government started to run out, now the time will come for the military.”

“I send (sic) a message to all the military people with Gaddafi to leave now before it’s too late. There’s no future for Gaddafi’s troops because most of them are foreigners. Probably 70 or 80 percent are foreigners, mercenaries.”

The former minister said: “If the international community ensures that he can not get help from the sea, if they take care of the sea and don’t allow him to get oil, he cannot run his war machinery and he will surrender.” Agencies

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