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Explosions in Tripoli and the British commander says the Libyan Air Force no longer exists

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A senior officer in the British army on Wednesday to disable the combat abilities of the Libyan Air Force, in remarks quoted by the British media.

The deputy commander of the British Royal Air Force Craig Bagwell The Allies could now

Flight in the skies of Libya “without being one of us.”

The British military during his visit to an air base in southern Italy. “We are watching the suffering of civilians in Libya and ensure their protection from attack.”

The U.S. Admiral Gerard Huber said that the coalition forces launched air strikes in Libya on the ground forces of Colonel Gaddafi Ajdabiya attacking cities and Misurata and El Zawea .

Hooper said at a news conference that coalition aircraft targeted the international ground forces to Gaddafi that threaten cities and hit the mechanisms and battalions, artillery, missiles and communications systems.

He added that in order to protect the civilian population and American forces are in agreement with its partners in the coalition forces to attack Gaddafi attacking population centers.

The U.S. commander said that he had not been recorded civilian casualties, “the impact of these strikes.

Raids on Misurata

At the level of fighting, according to the latest news of an explosion on Wednesday night in a large database of ground forces, the Libyan town 32 km east of Tripoli.

Libyan television has announced that coalition forces bombed targets in the city of Tripoli.

A Reuters reported, quoting a resident of Misurata, Libya on Wednesday said that the Western coalition aircraft launched air raids on the area patrolled by forces of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in the city of Misurata under the control of dissidents.

A witness told reporters that the rules pro-Gaddafi resumed artillery shelling of the city of xanthan located at a distance of 90 kilometers southwest of the capital controlled by the opposing forces.

The witness added that the situation is very bad and that the city is completely blocked, and that in a telephone interview with Reuters.

He went on, adding that troops receive reinforcements Gaddafi, and that troops backed by tanks and mechanisms apply. He appealed to the Allied forces to speed up the protection of civilians.

The news agency AFP quoted witnesses said that the sniper fire and shelling that killed 17 people including 5 children in Misurata on Tuesday while trying to forces loyal to Zagafi regain control of the city.


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