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Facebook kills the comment button, adds an edit feature

Posted by on March 17, 2011 0 Comment

While Facebook did not close on March 15th it did close its comment button feature. Users now have to become acquainted with no comment button and learn the navigational skills to propel one through.

From precise reports,” The next time you reply to someone’s Facebook wall post, don’t bother looking for the “comment” button. From now on, all you have to do in order to submit a typed reply is hit enter. Yes, that’ll cause some annoyances when you just want to add a paragraph break, but to compensate for that trouble, Facebook’s finally allowing us to edit our comments after posting them.”

It is great being able to edit comments. It makes postings much easier especially, when after placing a comment one realizes that there may be spelling and grammatical mistakes which should be changed. Definitely, it has added some professionalism to communication raising the standard altogether.

‘……folks aren’t happy about having to hold down the SHIFT key when pressing ENTER if they want to add a paragraph break to their Facebook comments…….. So, while the initial response to Facebook’s latest commenting feature update is negative, we have a hunch that people will be won over by it pretty soon. After all, who doesn’t like finally having the ability to edit out typos like a sneaky ninja?’ Agencies

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