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Female US troops more likely to divorce

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The marriages of female US soldiers are more than twice as likely to end in divorce than those of their male counterparts, according to a recent study by the Pentagon.

The study indicates that last year, 7.8 percent of women in the US military got a divorce, compared with 3 percent of the men.

Divorce attorney Jessica Adler, who has been working on divorce cases from clients who have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, says military marriages have shown difficulties in all demographics.

“It is a huge conflict in marriage and there is a much higher rate of cheating, first of all, in military relationships. So, there is higher cheating,” she further explained.

The findings come as a new poll finds that the majority of Americans want all US troops withdrawn from war-wrecked Afghanistan within one year.

The polling firm Rasmussen has found that for the first time a majority of likely voters wants the US government to set a firm timetable for 2012.

Experts estimate that about 220,000 women have served in Afghanistan and Iraq in roles ranging from helicopter pilots to police officers.

To date, more than 7,000 US-led troops have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, with men suffering the heavier number of casualties proportionately to enlistment.

A planned scaledown of troops is planned for July, but meanwhile, rising casualties are taking a toll on public confidence in the war, as well as American families back home.

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