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Fighting continues for control of Libyan cities

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Tripoli/Cairo, March 12 (DPA) Libyan government forces appeared to make gains Saturday as they fought rebels for control of several cities.

It was unclear who was in control of the oil-rich northern city of Ras Lanuf, Al Jazeera TV newtwork reported.

Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi had briefly retaken the city from rebel control after a counter-attack Friday evening, but overnight fighting weakened their grip.

The city was reportedly deserted as clashes continued Saturday morning.

Gaddafi’s forces had control of the eastern city of al-Burayqah, where large numbers of people were killed during fierce fighting last week, according the Al Jazeera.

Pro-Gaddafi demonstrations were shown on state television Friday in the city of al-Zawiyah, just west of Tripoli, which was also retaken by government forces.

The Libyan government offered amnesty to rebels who turned in their weapons, the Libyan state television reported.

Meanwhile, the Arab League was expected to meet in Cairo to discuss the option of a no-fly zone over Libya.

Libya, which has been suspended from the League, was not expected to attend the meeting.

The meeting comes a day after the European Union called on Gaddafi to “relinquish power immediately”.

The EU also called for a meeting with the Arab League and the African Union regarding the question of imposing a no-fly zone over the country.

Libya has been in turmoil since Feb 15, when government forces violently cracked down on protesters calling for Gaddafi to step down after 42 years of rule.

Armed opposition groups had taken control of several cities in the eastern part of the country in recent weeks.

But Gaddafi’s forces, using air power and superior weaponry, are launching fierce counter attacks to retake control of territory.


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