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Fightings intensify after key govt officials fly from Libya

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As the circle around Moammar Gadhafi cracks, the Libyan leader’s loyal military personell carried on destroying cities that were once considered to be the most prosperous locations of Libya. According to authorities and analysts, the continued use of agression and arms by the government of Libya reflects the determination of Gadhafi to stand, stay in power and prevail. However, the defection of some of his key people in the government are making the Libyan leader worried.

On Thursday, the news surfaced that the hand picked ambassador for the UN by Gadhafi has fled to Egypt.

This news came one day after the foreign minister for Libya fled to London. Upon reaching London, the foreign minister announced his resignation.

“You’re certainly getting evidence that there are a lot of tensions. … Each person that leaves, that makes it a little scarier for the people that are still remaining. And you may, at some point, get a tipping effect,” Anne-Marie Slaughter, a professor of international affairs at Princeton University, told CNN.

Meanwhile it was reported by the Guardian newspaper on Friday that a key adviser to the son of Gadhafi has arrived in London to hold secret meetings with British authorities. It should be noted that earlier this week an adviser to Ghadhafi’s son Saif al-Islam Gadhafi said that he plans to go to London for some domestic works. Authorities in the British government however did not confirmed if the adviser was in Lodon or not.

“We are not going to provide running commentary on our contacts with Libyan officials,” a spokesperson in the British government said. “In any contact that we do have, we make it clear that Gadhafi has to go,” he added.

Rebels fighting against Gadhafi appear to be very determined to bring the leader down. The fighters stated that they have the will power to bring down the forty two year old rule of Gadhafi over Libya. However, figtings in the major cities of Libya are taking longer to come to a stop.

According to latest reports, rebel fighters have gathered on the borders of the oil rich area of al-Brega. Al Brega is at present under the control of governemnt of Libya. On the other hand, the third biggest city of Libya ‘Misrata’ was reportedly under cordon by the forces supporting Gadhafi. The streets of the city were observed for damages, destroyed buildings and wreckages resulting from weeks of fightings.

Meanwhile sources said that majority of the population has fled the area lying towntown following the positioning of snipers on high rising buildings by government forces. Moreover the government forces used artillery and tanks in the inner city. Agencies


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