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FM visits Kuwaiti troops in Bahrain

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Kuwait Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah stressed yesterday the important role played by Kuwaiti naval troops working within the Peninsula Shield force to protect Bahrain and the unity of the Arab Gulf society.

“It gives me great honor to be with you today as you are the protectors of our country, the protectors of honor and of national dignity,” Sheikh Dr Mohammad said. He added that, “every Kuwaiti takes pride in seeing his son respond to the call of duty and you repeatedly proved that whoever entertains evil toward Kuwait, or toward our region, you are up to the mission and are the true sons of Kuwait.

Sheikh Dr Mohammad expressed the pride Kuwaitis have for the tasks carried out by the force’s members. “We are proud of the mission you are carrying out,” he continued. “Your message is a simple one, a message of peace and safety, though whoever harbors evil to our country, its people, and its cultural heritage, we will stand up for our principles. You proved once and again that you can impart the true meaning of loyalty and sacrifice for the sake of our homeland to people and the world as a whole. We congratulate you on this as you made us hold our heads high, and all Kuwaiti people take pride in the tasks which you are carrying out.

Sheikh Dr Mohammad went on to say that Kuwait is in the Kingdom of Bahrain to stand by them as they stood by Kuwait during the Invasion of Iraq in 1990. “Such is the faithfulness for which you are famous, people of Kuwait,” he said. “It is impossible to forget to return the favor for anyone who was faithful to us. We will remain grateful as long as we live to our folk not only in Bahrain but in all of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states as a whole.” Kuwait Times

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