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Forces fired at Benghazi, rebels are trying to return

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The military confrontation between the forces of the Libyan rebels and government troops loyal to the country’s leader Muammar GaddafiMuammar Gaddafi on Wednesday focused on the direction Adzhdabiya – Benghazi in eastern Libya, Gaddafi’s forces fired Benghazi.

In this case, the two warring parties declare their military successes.

According to the representative of the rebel authorities in Benghazi General Farag al-Feyturi, the city on Wednesday underwent aviaobstrelu BBC Gaddafi. At the same time, he said, rebel forces, which have in Benghazi air defense system, were able to repulse the attack and draw the enemy aircraft in flight.

Al-Feyturi also noted that the city remains calm, the population remains in place, there is no panic. Rebel forces concentrated near Benghazi, numerous, well armed and can reflect any enemy attack.

In another strategically important eastern Libyan city Adzhdabiya fighting continued on Wednesday. Despite statements by government forces that were expressed before, the transition of the city under their control and overlapping routes Adzhdabiya-Benghazi, clashes and rebel forces Gaddafi Adzhdabii continuing. According to eyewitnesses, the opposition forces dug in on the western outskirts of the city and were able to achieve considerable success, reflecting the tank attack government troops. The rebels claim to have been able to line an enemy tank, and capture seven more tanks. The remaining enemy forces hastily retreated to the southern suburbs Adzhdabii. Agencies


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