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France, Britain to present diplomatic solution on Libya: Sarkozy

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Brussels, March 25 (DPA) France and Britain will present a plan for a diplomatic solution on Libya before next week’s international conference on the crisis in the North African country, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday.

“Before that summit in London, (British Prime Minister David) Cameron and I will present a common plan. It will be a Franco-British initiative to show that the solution cannot be a military one, it has to be a political and diplomatic solution,” Sarkozy said.

He spoke after NATO announced it was planning to take over all UN-mandated military operations against Libya – relieving a US-led coalition, with France and Britain at its forefront, of its command.

Sarkozy said he wanted to “involve Germany” in the initiative. Berlin has opposed any military engagement against Libya, breaking ranks with Britain and France over a UN Security Council resolution that, among other things, authorized a no-fly zone.

Germany abstained in the UN vote last week, while its Western allies voted in favour.


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